Classic Rajasthan
Discover the main highlights of North India and Rajasthan, including the Taj Mahal, Meherangarh Fort and ending your trip at Delhi .

Destinations Covered : Delhi –Mandawa  –Kuchaman-Khimsar- Jaisalmer-Jodhpur-Udaipur-Bundi-Jaipur –Agra- Delhi

Duration : 16 day / 14 nights

Day 1 : Delhi (Arrival)
On  arrival, you will be greeted and transferred to your hotel. 
Day 2 : Delhi
Discovery of Delhi and its two cities, the Indian and English, that offer together a testimony of the recent history of the country.  You  will pass through the old city in pedicabs through the Jama Masjid, the largest mosque in the Indian subcontinent and Chandni Chowk Bazaar.  Glance at the fort rouge built in the 17th century.  In the afternoon, drive in New Delhi, Garden City, with the headquarters of the Government, the Qutub Minar minaret, and the tomb of Humayun .

Day 3 : Delhi – Mandawa
Breakfast at the hotel.  Depart for Mandawa.  On arrival check in the hotel. Then after you shall proceed for a panoramic walk through the village and discover: the many havélis, small Ladhuram Tarkeshvar Goenka Haveli Palace, and the Dedraj Turmal Bhudarmal Goenka Haveli.  Departure for the villages of Dundlod and Nawalgarh.

Day 4 : Mandawa- Kuchaman
Breakfast at the hotel. Depart for Kuchaman. One of the most authentic villages of Rajasthan. You wander in the village and it’s Bazaar. An exceptional step which can be found its apotheosis in the discovery of the jewel of Kuchaman, his fort.  You'll take a jeep  ride that you will take on the heights of the village, where throne this imposing Castle, dating from the XVI th century surrounded by broad and high walls. You will visit the former apartments of the Maharajah, headquarters of the soldats…Finally spend the night in this exceptional place. An unforgettable stage in this circuit.

Day 5 : Kuchaman –Khimsar
Breakfast at the hotel.  Depart for  Khimsar.  Enroute  you will visit the impressive fortress of Nagaur. Nagaur is also famous for its fair livestock each year. On arrival check in the hotel . This fortress of the 16th century in the desert, is an oasis of peace with its swimming pools and its hardions. Surrounded by dunes, it is located in the heart of I' rural India, away from any pollution or noise.

Day 6 : Khimsar – Jaisalmer
Breakfast at the hotel.  Depart for Jaisalmer, magnificent caravan city and the Thar desert... This is a magic city fully preserved, and deeply romantic Jaisalmer was nicknamed the city Golden the honey colour takes the stone from the ramparts to the Sun.  Your day is free for moments of relaxation and pleasure. Sitting on the typical terrace of Killa Bhawan or from your balcony, the wonder will meet before the spectacle of this immense emergent sand of the desert, Jaisalmer Castle.

Day 7 : Jaisalmer
Breakfast at the hotel . You begin by a tour of the city by visiting the fort and Havelis, old Palace houses built by wealthy merchants in the eighteenth century. You will notice the fineness of the incredibly well combination balconies.  Fort, was built in 1156 which is one of the oldest two works of this type in India. Named "Sonar Quila" which means "fortress of gold", ramparts and bastions 99 made willingly overlook the city and offer a stunning panorama of the desert. The fort has many treasures such as the Jains temples or palaces of Maharawal many pieces decorated with mosaics, paintings. You go then walk you in the oasis of Bada Bagh, fertile oasis where come from fruits and vegetables for the city, sent daily by women in colorful clothes. At the top of these gardens, rest of Royal cenotaphs (monuments raised in memory of a deceased person), decorated with beautiful carved ceilings and Equestrian statues.  It is from this place, you can admire the sunset which transforms into a landscape mordoré Jaisalmer.

Day 8 : Jaisalmer – Jodhpur
Early morning leave for Jodhpur. Arrival in Jodhpur, the blue city. The princes of Jodhpur were so good riders that they gave to the world... their breeches, the famous jodhpurs.  From the top of an eminence, the fortress, defended by senior and powerful walls against which came run so many attacks, overwrites the town which the sands of the Thar desert just lick the suburbs.   As may be zero also in Rajasthan, expresses the chivalrous soul of these princes, this heroic act, but also the pomp that captures a miniaturist famous local school.  Visit to the impressive fortress of Meherangarh.

Day 9: Jodhpur –Udaipur
Breakfast at the hotel. Depart for Udaipur. Udaipur, the very romantic city Palace, reflection in its countless lakes Palace and marble pavilions, gardens of hibiscus, its fountains and its medieval bazaars. Here, not powerful Citadel to evoke a past Warrior, but, in a pure light, the more refined and more graceful palaces, including the silhouettes are reflected in turquoise and emerald lakes, waters with backdrop of the high hills of the Arawalli chain. Altitude explains climate, particularly pleasant in the summer, and the clear atmosphere makes it unforgettable view on Lake Pichola to the Sun.

Day 10:Udaipur
Breakfast at the hotel. Overlooking the city and the Lake, you will find the Palace of the maharana which houses interesting collections of weapons, miniatures and a maze of course, bathrooms, lounges decorated with mirrors, or ceramics.  Visit the temple Jagdish vishnuique (17th century). Stroll through the old town and the Bazaar to the countless shops and workshops of artisans.  Then, Sahelion-ki-Bari, a very beautiful garden with its basin covered in flowers of lotus, between four marble elephants. Flags that maharana Sangram Singh (1710-1734) had been raising for bridesmaids of his Queen were rebuilt towards the end of the 19th century by Fateh Singh.   Boat trips on the Lake Pichola and see the  sunset.

Day 11 : Udaipur – Bundi
Breakfast at the hotel. Depart for Bundi. Discovery of the princely city of Bundi dominated the Taragarh fort built in the 14th century and the rajpoute Palace, decorated with beautiful paintings of the 18th century. Very picturesque city, he has there developed one of the most endearing schools of miniatures of Rajasthan. Heir to the Persian painting she blends grace of the features of the faces and paint sets. Walk in the old city and the Bazaar. Discovery of the well of the Rani extensively decorated with sculptures.

Day 12 :Bundi – Jaipur
Breakfast at the hotel.  You will then depart for Jaipur. The afternoon is dedicated to the visit of the old city: you begin by City Palace, Palace of the Maharajah, whose part is still inhabited by the city and the other part was converted into a museum. It houses including a collection of miniature Mogholes. Astronomical Observatory, Jantar Mantar was built by Jai Singh II between 1728 and 1734, there is the most accurate Sundial in the world. The Hawa Mahal or "Palace of the winds", is an extraordinary pan of a former baroque palace wall. Its 953 locations allow the courtesans to contemplate without be seen, the processions and performances taking place in the street.

Day 13: Jaipur
Breakfast at the hotel .  A rather unusual day awaits you, because you will today reach via elephant ride to the Amber fort.This former capital of the State founded by Minas them was abandoned a few centuries after the Maharajah Jai Singh went to settle in Jaipur.  Located at the entrance of a rocky gorge, overlooking a beautiful Lake, the strategic location of this fortress is highlighted by the beauty of its architecture. It is a maze of walls and towers forming an incomparable defence and alarm system of one hill to the other. Here, everything remained exactly as it has for centuries. The Interior of the fort is home of many courts to arcades, beautiful gardens by monkeys. The Palace contains walls of mosaics of style Persian, doors to ivory and wood… watermarks. This time travel will culminate with a visit to the temple dedicated to the black goddess Kali, the mother destructive and creative.

Day 14: Jaipur – Agra
Breakfast at the hotel. Depart for Agra, city of the emperors Moguls of the 16th and 17th centuries which have made their capital before choosing Delhi.  On the journey you will discover the site of Fatehpur Sikri, a magnificent site inscribed in the Unesco heritage and which was the capital of Emperor Mughal Akbar in the 16th century. Buildings have been perfectly preserved since the abandonment of the city, its Palace build in red will combine Indian architecture with that of Iran and Central Asia, they are thus delivering testimony entering the Indian architecture of the 16th century. The afternoon, visit the Red Fort. This former palace built this same Emperor in 1565 is a huge fortress, built along the river Yamuna. These 25 m high ramparts House an enfilade of marble palaces, mosques and sumptuous gardens. Fort houses including the famous the Pearl mosque, which was built by the last of the great Mughal emperors, was Aurangzeb .

Day 15 : Agra – Delhi
Breakfast at the hotel.  A trip if magical cannot be concluded without the visit to the majestic Taj Mahal. Light white marble mausoleum, it was built by emperor Shah Jahan Mughal to immortalize his love for Mumtaz. Architectural feat and witness to a disproportionate romanticism this work well deserves its status of 8th wonder of the world.  Enjoy a moment of free time before being transferred to Delhi airport.Assistance to the formalities for your return flight.

Day 16 : Delhi  ( Departure)

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