Travel Information

Passports & Visas

All foreign travelers must have a valid visas/travel documents before their arrival in India.

Currency Handling

Any amount in the form of currency, traveler’s cheques etc can be brought to India with relevant declaration.

Money Changing

Authorized money changing centers are available in major towns. We suggest that, collect a receipt while you exchange money at these centers.


Travel Insurance is important and recommended for everyone travelling to India.


Hindi is the national language of India, but English is commonly used in all tour destinations. Foreign language speaking guides are generally available on demand.

Water & Power

It is recommended to use bottled drinking water without ice. Electricity operates on 220v AC 3-pin plugs.


The best time to travel to India is from August through May. The monsoon rains occur from June through August.


Tip is not mandatory, but will be certainly appreciated.


Smoking is prohibited in public places and in public transport throughout India.

Food & Beverages

Continental, Chinese, Indian and traditional local (Kerala, Gujarati, Punjabi, Tamil etc...) food and beverages would be served in most of the hotels and restaurants in India, but beverages are not allowed for consumption in public places.


Severe punishments including imprisonment are imposed for the possession and/or use of narcotic drugs.

Worship Places

Usage of the footwear is banned inside worship places. Some worship places have its own codes of conduct and tourists should adhere to such local disciplines and/or get such matters cleared from concerned authorities before the entry to such places.


Nudity in any manner is not allowed anywhere in India and is a punishable offence.

Booking Conditions


A contract comes into effect when we dispatch our confirmation invoice to the tour leader  representative of your contact. All disputes, if any, have to be solved in the jurisdiction limit of court in New Delhi, India.

The cost of your holiday

The prices shown in this website / e-mails / advertisements / printed materials can be changed without any prior notice.  Mangalam Tours Pvt Ltd. New Delhi,  India reserve the right to change our prices at any time.

Do's and Dont's

# DO carry small  bills and change as much as possible
# DO take your shoes off when entering someone's house or any place of worship
# DO be prepared to answer a lot of personal questions and be stared at - Indians are naturally curious people, and it is not considered rude to ask what might be thought of as nosy questions.

# DON'T give to street beggars, no matter how hard it might be. Criminal mafias who profit from their misery enslave most beggars. If you want to give, a registered charity is the best choice.
# DON'T touch people's heads, point your feet at holy objects or honored people while sitting, or use your left hand to give gifts, food, or other important items.

Unforeseen Factors

No refund or compensation made in the event of any unforeseen eventualities like cancellation / alteration / delay in the schedules, natural calamities, political violences, emergency / security measures imposed by the government, losses / injury / illness / accidents or partial tour cancellation etc which are not covered.

However, though not mandatory, all kind of moral / humanitarian assistance and supports will be extended by Mangalam Tours Pvt Ltd, India when you are in our tour.

Mangalam Tours Pvt. Ltd. will have sole rights to change / modify / revise / delete any information / package / price without prior notice.